The Law Takes Domestic Violence Very Seriously

Protect your family by working with an attorney in Orange, CA

Dealing with domestic violence can be terrifying, especially if you don't have protection orders in place. Riley Family Law wants to help you obtain peace of mind. We'll support you through any decision you make, no matter if you want to pursue criminal charges, establish a restraining order or notify appropriate parties. Our services are available in Orange, California and the surrounding area.

If you're facing issues of domestic violence, our services will help you take legal action. Call Riley Family Law today to set up an appointment.

If you want to pursue legal action for domestic violence, our services will help you through the legal process. Riley Family Law will work with you to file any necessary paperwork for protection orders and criminal charges. We'll also represent you in court, if necessary.

You can file domestic violence claims against...

  • Spouses.
  • Parents.
  • Children.
  • Long-term partners.
  • Significant others.
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